Welcome Arnobio Morelix

baMa’s new Advisory Board Member

As the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world as we know it, Silicon Valley-based executive and author Arnobio Morelix has been thinking ahead to what the world in the decades postpandemic will look like — and how tech companies can navigate it.

It is our honor today to welcome Morelix as a new Advisory Board Member for the business angel Minority association (baMa). Morelix is Startup Genome’s Chief Innovation Officer and author of the upcoming book The Great Reboot, which examines post-pandemic economies, the unintended consequences of technology, and how we should think about the next 20 years of innovation.

“Arnobio is a leading global voice about the intersection of tech and policy, and adds game changing value with his extensive experience advising public and private organizations in over 35 countries,” baMa’s CEO, Maria Maso said. “Arnobio’s work is required reading for founders and tech companies navigating the post-pandemic world of tech and society. His unique expertise and insights help us create a more level playing field for minority investors and entrepreneurs. We are thrilled to welcome him to our board.”

Morelix also serves roles as Chief Data Scientist at Inc. Magazine and as a contributing data science expert with Stanford University’s Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. His work and analysis have been featured widely in publications including the New York Times, The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. Additionally, he’s been a frequent public speaker at major places and events including South By Southwest, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the OECD.

“baMa provides incredible resources to early-stage minority investors and startups, and I am thrilled to join baMa’s Advisory Board. I look forward to working together to equip investors and startups with the tools they need to thrive in the decades to come.”

Morelix’s upcoming book The Great Reboot is hosting a pre-publication campaign through September 3, where you can pre-order the book and have a part in the publishing process. You can connect with him via LinkedIn or Twitter.

About baMa: Passionate about innovation, diversity, and inclusion business angel Minority association (baMa) bridges the investment gap in minority-led startups or startups by targeting minority-driven markets through diversen investments and education.

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