andrea course

Welcome Andrea Course

baMa’s new Advisory Board Member

In an evermore expanding, globalized, and environmentally conscious world, Andrea Course is dedicated to advancing technologies and business models disrupting the global energy system. It is our honor to welcome Course as a new Advisory Board Member to the Business Angel Minority Association.

Course currently serves as Venture Principal at Shell Ventures where she works at the forefront of innovative energy transition companies. With more than 12 years of experience in the energy sector, Course brings a multifaceted expertise in energy innovation.

Prior to joining Shell Ventures, Course worked as Venture Principal at Schlumberger Technology Investments. Course also has years of operational and leadership positions through her work as Engineering manager and Product manager at Cameron and OneSubsea (both Schlumberger

“Andrea is a leader in energy transition and plays a key role in the investment community internationally. baMa members are constantly looking for new diverse lead opportunities to change the colors of the energy industry and to get above average returns. Course has been a
baMa member since 2020 and in 2021 she is joining the baMa Advisory Board, providing us invaluable knowledge on The Industry.” – Maria Maso, baMa CEO

“Diversity matters regardless if you are in a multinational corporation or a start-up. Research has shown time and time again that it enhances creativity and improves the financial performance of a team. I am really proud to join baMa in their effort to bridge the investment gap in minority-led startups and minority driven markets” – Andrea Course Venture Principal at Shell Ventures and baMa Advisory Board member

Course received her Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from the University of Central Oklahoma, a Master of Science in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering from
the University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Business Administration focused on Organizational Leadership from the University of Houston. She has also been named one of 100 Global Corporate Venture Rising Stars. You can find her and contact her via her LinkedIn.

About baMa: Passionate about innovation, diversity, and inclusion business angel Minority association (baMa) bridges the investment gap in minority-led startups or startups by targeting minority-driven markets through diverse investments and education.

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