We are always looking for new syndication affiliates!

Our syndication afiliates come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all know that diversity adds value to the innovation ecosystem.

Diverse crowd of people of different ages and races. Multiracial community members standing together. Vector illustration for civil society, diversity, multinational public

To be an affiliate you must:

  • Be an Accredited investor in accordance with the SEC
  • Make an annual investment pledge*

From baMa you can expect:

  • 2 syndication events( April and October
  • Opportunities to network and co-invest with other investors
  • Access to baMa-sponsored diversity Investor academy, panels, and workshops
Pricing Table

Syndication affiliation options



1 Affiliate

  • Open to new and experienced angel investors
  • Access to high network co-investment opportunities 
  • Access to baMa's educational programming
  • Access to baMa's pitch events


Up To 2 Affiliates

  • Group affiliation for corporations with more than one person
  • Includes all benefits of the Individual affiliation
  • Possibility to create a professional or company promotional interview that will be posted on baMa website and social media

Champion of Diversity

Up To 2 Affiliates

  • Entities or individuals whose yearly fee goes directly into supporting new business angels
  • Do not need to be active investors
  • Do not need to make an investment pledge to baMa
  • Receive recognition on the baMa website and can attend all of baMa's programming

Champions of Diversity

We would like to thank our baMa Champions of Diversity. These are corporations and entities who support baMa’smission through non-investing means. Their support helps baMa in out mission of #changingthecolorsofinvestment. Please take a moment to visit our Champions of Diversity’s websites to learn more about these great organizations.