What is the Diversity Investor Academy?
baMa is a founding partner of the Diversity Investor Academy (DiA), whose goal is to educate the next generation of investors. DiA is a collaborative approach with different players in the innovation ecosystem to bring the best education possible about early-stage investment, whether you want to become a business angel or improve your early-stage investment skills.
101 BA Education Round 1

We proudly released the first round of 101 Business Angel Education in April of 2020. This program consisted of panel discussions, assessments, and recorded lessons about due diligence, early stage investment concepts, financial considerations before writing your first check and much more. You can still sign up!

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101 +Advanced BA Education Round 2

We are excited to announce the second round of 101 + Advanced Business Angel Education. You'll have access to a library of four pre-recorded angel investor education lessons as well as two market trends and two theoretical panels.

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