Bringing CULTURE and
CAPITAL together to improve innovation.
Our purpose is to make more accessible
Early Stage Investment to Minorities.
We are passionate about supporting innovation. The business angel Minority association - baMa aims to bridge the investment gap in MINORITY-led startups or startups targeting minority driven markets.
Minorities are Underrepresented
in the Startup Ecosystem.
In the U.S., less than 25% of venture-backed startups are founded by a minority.

The business angel Minority association is part of the solution.
Diversity plays an important role in Early stage investment decisions. The existing Business Angel associations are not diverse enough, this translates in to a lack of pre-seed & seed angel investment in Minority-led startup

baMa aims to activate more investors in diverse Startups, get above average returns and support innovation
Early stage investment education
Diversity in investment
Providing education on the art of early stage investment is a priority for baMa. Therefore baMa is a funding member of the diversity Investors academy.
Diversity brings 35% better returns on investment. baMa seeks these higher investments returns brought by diversity.