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Upcoming Events

On May 11th: baMa Life Talk with SheSpace Founder

Maria Maso and Stephanie Tsuru have an inspiring conversation on the importance of diversifying funders teams and empowering minorities and women to become investors.

In-person event hosted by SHESPACE

Online Facebook Live


We hope to see you there!

On May 6th, Diversity Investors Academy - Panel

Diversity Investor Academy

Portafolio Diversification Done Right, Risk, Reward & Social Impact
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Recent Event: baMa Launch 2021

On March 24th: baMa 2021 First Quarterly Pitch Event

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We are excited to announce that pitch events will be held quarterly - beginning March 24, 2021 - @ 4:00 PM CST - ending December 10, 2021.

This is a members-only event. Registration and Event Specific Details to Follow.

We hope to see you there!

On March 25th, Diversity Investors Academy - Panel

On this panel discussion, you will learn about the value that women bring to the innovation ecosystem, the role they take in that, and the advantages of being a minority in this ecosystem. But you will also hear us discuss the challenges women face when trying to raise money for their businesses, and the discrimination they encountered in this sector.

Through our experienced and talented speakers, you will fully understand the innovation ecosystem and the importance of women’s presence to reach success. They will share with you their experiences, how they first started within this ecosystem, their motivations if they had mentors and the importance of them, the role they are playing in the pandemic, and much more.

If you are a Vc, own or work in a firm or corporation, this panel will show you the way to make a difference and help to change the game.

And if you are a woman wanting to start getting funding, our panelists will give you recommendations and guide you on how to proceed.

But even if you have never invested or been involved in the innovation ecosystem, this panel is still a right fit for you. It is never too late to start learning about it, as well as start embracing and recognizing women in all different ecosystems.