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baMa’s 17 September newsletter


We welcome Hera Biotech, Change: Water and Interstellar Lab to baMa’s portfolio. Our members have enjoyed the due diligence process during summer and have decided to deploy capital to these companies that are changing the landscape of innovation. #changingthecolorsofinvestment

Hera Biotech isa medical technology company that is developing the first non-surgical test capable of both diagnosing & staging endometriosis, a $9B market opportunity.

Today’s agriculture methods are resource-intensive and not suitable for use in space. That is the reason behind Interstellar Labs using space exploration design and technologies to develop environment-controlled pods able to generate and recycle food, air, and water to support life.  
Change: WATER Labs has invented the “iThrone”, a toilet that eliminates waste inside the toilet itself by evaporating it, thereby “flushing away” 95% of onsite daily volumes as pure molecular water, in order to expand safe sanitation access to places with no power or plumbing.


It is time again for another pitch event! We are hosting the Fall Pitch event (members-only) on September 20th. These are the start-ups that are going to be at the pitch:

Fundr combines the power of AI and portfolio diversification to help investors maximize their ROI. It evaluates companies on 90 pieces of data, streamlines the deal close, and helps investors track and build a strong relationship with their portfolio companies.

reBLEND is a line of frozen smoothie pops (that ship ambient) packed with fruits + veggies + superfoods alongside a bold mission to radically tackle food waste.

Coyote Ventures is a Venture Capital fund investing in early-stage startups that are innovating in women’s health and wellness, founded by General Partners who are scientists turned entrepreneurs turned investors.

 is an online platform for collaborative global learning. They enable K-12 educators to promote diversity and inclusion, conduct cultural exchanges & collaborate with other classrooms globally with minimal effort or budget required.

baMa’s team is always on the hunt for great articles to read each month. Here are our recommendations:

The Opportunity for Family Offices To Outperform Over The Next Decade by Heather Hartnett.

FemTech Landscape Annual Report 2021.

True Wealth Ventures to raise $30M second fund to back women-led companies by Mike Cronin.

Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts by Brené Brown.

It’s About Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated into your Greatest Advantage by Arlan Hamilton
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