baMa partners up with AccelHUB

The business angel Minority association (baMA), an organization dedicated to bridging the investment gap in minority-owned startups and in startups targeting minority-driven markets, has started a partnership with AccelHUB.

This motivation to help minorities has made baMa and AccelHUB the perfect pair to collaborate. In the words of Oliver Sanchez, AccelHUB’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, “AccelHUB Venture Partners shares baMa’s mission of investing in underrepresented entrepreneurs. We believe in the potential of Latino entrepreneurs to build global companies and by investing in emerging technology from emerging markets we do not only benefit financially but we take an active role in transforming the continent and society in general. We look forward to what the future of this partnership will bring!”

Through this partnership, both companies will be able to cooperatively lead a new Spanish program from the Diversity Investors Academy. The objective of this academy is to introduce minorities to early-stage investment through an online learning platform and to open a panel
where investors and those who want to become investors alike can discuss the ever-changing world of investment.

As baMa’s Partnerships Director, José Lazaro, explains “AccelHUB plays at the intersection of three important concepts for baMa: Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Latin America. Having AccelHUB joining our Diversity Investors Academy as Founding Partner and Content Partner is just great news! AccelHUB will generate value to our members doubly,
by sharing their incredible know-how through the academy, and by bringing amazing deals to the table”.

Furthermore, this partnership will spark the expansion of deal flow and investment opportunities, meaning that both companies will be able to reach a bigger audience of minority entrepreneurs in need of investment. This partnership will be the key to accomplish great things for our community and minorities alike.

About baMa: Passionate about innovation, diversity, and inclusion business angel Minority association (baMa) bridges the investment gap in minority-led startups or startups by targeting minority-driven markets through diverse investments and education.

About AccelHUB: AccelHUB Venture Partners (AVP) is a syndicate of Angel investors who invest in disruptive Latin American startups ready to scale in the US and who understand the transformative impact entrepreneurial success stories have on the region. In addition to Seed Capital, AVP provides a network of mentors to guide the entrepreneurs through their US softlanding and expansion process.

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